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Green Thumb Designs

The design process is always meant to be a pleasant experience. The project that you envision becomes a reality in several phases.

Phase I:

The site meeting Initial meeting is an overview of the current landscape. Together we will visualize the plans for a new and improved landscape. Your landscape is an extension of your home and as well a great investment in your property.

The plan that is created takes into account your personal needs, functionality, practicality as well as any safety concerns.

During the first phase we pay close attention to the details of boundaries, compass consideration, budget and personal needs.

Phase II:

Measure and Draw The second phase involves detailed measurement of the site. Close attention is paid to elevations, drainage of the site, irrigation, and water usage to maintain the site.

The result of Phase II is a hand drawn master plan. We still use pencil and paper to create the landscape plan. We do not utilize computer drawings, but rather render with our old fashioned art and drafting skills. Some of our clients have even framed these pieces purely for their aesthetic appeal!

Phase III:

No design is complete until you are satisfied. We are flexible to making adjustments on the plan along the way. We will always work with your individual requirements and we can design a project to be completed in phases to accommodate your budget.